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The Tryctor is a mini tractor based on a motorcycle design modified into a 3 wheeler using parts which are locally available.

By attaching various implements, the Tryctor is designed to carry out several farming operations similar to those of a conventional tractor, but to a smaller scale. In addition, it is a useful means of transportation once the trailer is attached to convey produce to nearby markets. The Tryctor has also been designed with a special feature which enables you to use in place of a generator to produce electricity. This makes it ideal for any small-scale farmer.

The Tryctor is affordable, easy for farmers to maintain and simple enough for mechanics to carry out basic repairs should the need arise.

The Tryctor is supplied with:

  • A Disc Plough
  • Cultivator and a Trailer.
  • a Tine

The Tryctor was invented indigenously by Bespoke Design Concepts Ltd. Several working prototypes have been churned out, rigorous testing and further research and development has taken place.



Despite strong economic growth across many parts of Africa over the years, nearly a quarter of the population – about 240 million people are still undernourished.

Demand for tractors over the next 10 years is estimated at over 300,000 units in Nigeria and across the West African region. However, there are only about 20,000 currently available.

Of the 98.3million hectares of Nigeria’s arable landmass,72% of this has cultivation potential but only 35% of the arable land is under actual cultivation.

There are an estimated 2 million farmers in Nigeria alone. At least 85% of them don’t have tractors and need help with mechanization.